Woman is excited to partner with two ministries this year!




SERVING THE COMMUNITY practically to bring them the hope of Jesus.

The ARDC needs a kitchen! One of the ways our local Dream Center serves the Central Arkansas area is by providing meals to children in need. With their current kitchen, they are serving 75+ cold meals to kids every day. With the new kitchen, the ARDC will be able to feed between 250-300 children home-cooked, hot meals. This kitchen will play a huge part in their ability to reach more families., because full bellies help open hearts to Jesus!

We can help the ARDC by raising funds in two ways:

  1. We will be taking up an offering during conference.

  2. You can text the word KITCHEN + any dollar amount to 74483 at any time.




Loving women working in the sex industry the way that Jesus would love them.

This year at conference, we have an amazing opportunity to encourage women working in the sex industry in Arkansas. New Eyes is a ministry whose goal is to show these women the love of God by building relationships with them, praying for them, and giving them gifts. These gifts include lotion, mascara, and lip gloss—products we get to help provide!

There are three different ways you can give to this ministry:

  1. You can browse and order a product from their Amazon wish list.

  2. You can purchase products during conference at the merch table.

  3. You can purchase products before conference at your local drugstore and bring them to conference with you. These products can be dropped off at the New Eyes table in the foyer during conference.